K9Power ShowStopper™

"I wouldn't believe that this stuff works as well as it does if I hadn't seen it for myself. I tried it with both of my dogs, and within 1 month, their coats improved drastically. Ran out of Show Stopper, didn't replace it, and a month later I could see their conditions go back to the subpar level they had been before I tried this stuff. Long story short; this product works." Works like a charm!!!!"
Anonymous, Web Review

"My dog, Smokie, had terrible allergies. The fur around his eyes looked all crusty and bald. The vet wanted us to put him on steroids, and other pills with no guarantee that it would help. That was just before you recommended Show Stopper. Within a few days, Smokie’s coat cleaned up, his energy grew and he could continue to fulfill his job as a working dog at our day care center. Once Smokie’s allergies cleared up, he would fake his itchy eyes to get more Show Stopper - a great sign that even Smokie knew it worked. I continued to share Show Stopper and other Animal Natural products with friends who had dogs with joint and fur/skin problems. Each and every one came back for more. Please, if you have a dog with joint problems, hot spots or loss of performance, try Show Stopper. We truly got a whole new dog.
Smokie just had his 4 year check up and got a A++ rating from the vet. Now even his vet has a picture of Smokie, who started in the June issue of Dog World ad for Animal Naturals on his office wall. Don't hesitate, you will enjoy a healthy dog. I am a strong believer that Show Stopper works, please give it a try (I have not been paid to say this, just love the product)". Smokie, Web Review

K9Power Puppy Gold™

"After a grueling night of bottle feeding puppies every two hours, I just wanted to share the miraculous results of these puppies when changed from the hospital formula ”Just Born” to Puppy Gold. The little black female took an hour to eat 15 mls for her first feeding. Very little sucking, almost lethargic, and she had diarrhea from the Just Born. After she got the first feeding of Puppy Gold, she got so perky that I could barely hold her when I tried to stimulate her for elimination. The stools hardened and no more diarrhea. The next feeding she grabbed at the nipple with real gusto and started sucking immediately. She doubled her intake to 30 mls. The second little girl has gone from 15 mls initially to 45 mls. They are all over the whelping box. I’m telling you, Paul, the difference in these puppies from last night is nothing short of a miracle!
I just spoke with my regular vet and he asked about the puppies. He said he had one of his clients mention Puppy Gold but did know anything about it but is now very interested to know more. He specializes in C-Sections for bull dogs. They come from all over to see him. So there are a lot of puppies that he delivers who could benefit from Puppy Gold.
I am really excited about this product and what it is doing for these presently motherless pups. Just had to share." Pat, Castle Kennels, Ltd.

"Well, my puppies came in the wee hour of the morning. You are right about the Puppy Gold. Feeding it the bitch, they where much bigger and stronger than her last litter. I am soooooooo impressed now, I guess I will be using this stuff with every litter."
Kim Schooley, Kimber German Shepherds

K9Power Young at Heart™

“I am writing to thank you for your generosity with your 'Young At Heart' "miracle powder!" Since beginning the program, Jazzy has had miraculous results!
When we began using 'Young At Heart', Jazzy couldn't even walk and barely had the desire to eat. The prognosis of the vet was not good; they sent me home with little more than condolences and some pain killers, to keep her comfortable until her inevitable death. Her condition was truly pathetic; she couldn't even stand on her four legs to eat. The little fur she still had, was thin and she was covered in bright red "hot spots"-- she was constantly itching and chewing at her sores. Her legs were fur-less as well as half her backside. I had to use a towel as a sling, to lift her up and down my deck steps to help her to the grass, in order to relieve herself. She rarely smiled; even wagging her tail was too much effort. She had just enough energy to gaze at me with sad and soulful eyes, letting me know how miserable she was -- we knew she was dying.
Following much heartbreak, my friend, and yours, "Rob" shared with you, Jazzy's story, and you suggested one of your special products created just for the kind of condition Jazzy seemed to be suffering. We wasted no time in testing the product; I was desperate. Within a months time, she began to make noticeable progress -- her tail was wagging, her desire to standup and eat was encouraging, but not always successful. Her sores were healing and her itching seemingly disappeared. Most shockingly, the skin on her tummy, long ago, turned to a patchy, dirty looking gray; was turning pink, like a new puppy's tummy! Even her ears on the underside turned pink!
Within three months, Jazzy was walking without a limping gait. She was back in the kitchen begging -- this, I was thrilled to see! But the "coup de gras" and when I really knew you had created a "miracle formula", was when she began returning to her mischievous ways -- following an all day outing for my household and without a witness to catch her, she rummaged through the garbage cans, spreading the mess throughout the house! Yep, She's back!!! I never thought I'd be so happy to be greeted by such a mess! I can't thank you enough, but I think you already know the import of saving the life of a family member. I owe you a deep debt of gratitude. I pray that others will find your products and begin to mend the damage that a poor and lacking diet will create. I wish I had known about your products sooner; I would definitely have had Jazzy on this supplement, long ago.”
All my Gratitude, Penny
San Ramon, California

K9 Super Fuel™

Hello, my name is Dr. Rodney Franks,
I am a chiropractor who specializes in chiropractic care for animals specializing in sporting dogs. Recently, our Belgian Malinios came down with lyme's and it created lameness in the rear legs combined with extreme fatigue. We were extremely concerned that she would have permanent weakness/stamina issues and all the training my wife has put into her over the last two years would have came to a halt. After treatment of the lyme's disease we noticed her endurance continued to lag. At a trial a fellow competitor recommended your K 9 superfuel and after researching your product, we decided to purchase it as your product falls in line with our raw feeding, holistic approach to health. I can not begin to tell you how impressed we are with your product. Not only have we noticed decreased recovery time after exercise, increased stamina but her coat is absolutely stunning!
Dr. Rodney Franks

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