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Resvantage® - Resveratrol Supplement (Human)

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Resvantage® is the highest quality and safest resveratrol supplement on the market today and as the most trusted brand in the industry, it has received wide acclaim. This is why top physicians, naturopaths, and other leading health care professionals are using it in their practices. Here’s what sets Resvantage® apart from the rest: We employ sophisticated technology developed by the pharmaceutical industry to prepare and encapsulate our resveratrol. This is out of the reach of most nutraceutical manufacturers and rarely employed for a natural product. Resvantage is a pure organic resveratrol supplement made to pharmaceutical standards and thus is unique to the industry.

Our encapsulation process protects the fragile resveratrol molecule from losing potency due to oxidative degradation.


Bioavailability is how well a supplement gets digested and absorbed in your body and it’s a major factor in whether you get the full benefit of the supplement. You can take all the resveratrol you’d like and it won’t do you much good if your body can’t absorb it. A liquid delivery system offers better bioavailability than solid forms and we utilize this together with the most advanced technology in the industry in the preparation processes leading up to encapsulation in order to enhance the absorption of Resvantage® in the body.


Liquid filled capsules don’t just offer greater bioavailability than tablets and powder filled capsules, they’re also faster acting and gentler on the stomach. The resveratrol in the Resvantage® supplement is combined with a lipid and an emulsifier to improve absorption by forming the micelles that will be able to pass the unstirred water layer that lines the human gastrointestinal tract. Active compounds like resveratrol can only be absorbed when the dissolution time is lower than the GI transit time and Resvantage® liquid filled capsules facilitate fast dissolution time for maximum absorption.


Prior to encapsulation, our resveratrol goes through a milling process called micronization to reduce its particle size. When particle size is reduced, the surface area of the compound is increased dramatically improving dissolution and absorption in the body. Tablets and powder filled capsules are inefficient and low in bioavailability because their particle size has to be broken down in the digestive tract and rarely are these dissolved completely hence they pass through the body with very little being absorbed. This results in the need to over supplement with large doses in attempt to get a meaningful amount into the system and even in doing so, there is no assurance that this is happening. 



Timing of pills does matter - Resvantage® low dose capsules provide around the clock benefits.

When you buy into an anti-aging program, you want to protect yourself around the clock. Pills wear off. According to the National Institute of Health, resveratrol has a 9.2 hour half-life in the system. The activity of resveratrol is to activate the SIRT1 longevity gene and put the body in a protective mode and you don’t want to be doing this for half the time or half the day. You want protection for the full day. And with Resvantage®, because of its controlled low dose, you have the flexibility of taking it twice a day to keep a sufficient level of resveratrol in your system for constant gene activation while avoiding the potential long term negatives of high dose supplementation.


Resvantage® is a natural organic compound encapsulated for us at a pharmaceutical facility and the protocols that an ethical pharmaceutical company follow throughout the manufacturing process exceed, by far, those of a typical nutraceutical house. Our supplement is manufactured to cGMP* standards and meet a rigorous quality assurance program. It is lab tested during all phases of the process insuring that the active compounds are free of heavy metal toxicity and microbiological contaminants.
A natural supplement manufactured to strict pharmaceutical standards is unique to the industry and a sound reason why you can rely on the safety and integrity of the Resvantage® family of products.

*current Good Manufacturing Practices – Production quality and safety assurance policies required by the FDA based on state-of-the-art pharmaceutical science.


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