K9 Power Product Updates

K9 Power Product Updates

At K9 Power we take the health and wellness of your dog very seriously. We strive to provide your companion with the highest levels of quality nutrients to assure they perform to their peak potential.


Our line of high quality supplements has been providing key nutritional support to your dog for over 20 years. But we are not resting on our laurels. We employed a top animal nutrition specialist, Dr. George Fahey, to review our formulations and come up with key recommendations to improve our product line.
The result of Dr. Fahey’s reviewing is improved formulations of our products. These improvements include increases in the concentrations of some ingredients or the addition of some, to improve overall product performance. Our new formulations are backed by Dr. Fahey’s years of experience of research and testing. We made these changes to maintain our leadership position in providing ultra-premium supplements for your dog.


In the interest of complete transparency as to what improvements we’ve made we have provided a brief description of what has changed, the reason why, and changes to the products’ appearance that might be observed.  How do these changes affect the quality of the products you, our customers, have grown to trust?  In each case, the information below provides evidence as to how we have materially improved the performance of our products.


Did we make changes to cut corners and increase profit? NO, in every product we upgraded, the changes actually increased both production and packaging costs.


If there have been changes to a product, you can check out the specific changes by looking under the 'What's New' tab of the product information.





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